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Follow the steps below to get ibo Player Pro app on your Android devices.

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store and search for ibo Player Pro then click “Install”


Step 2: Open the App and Click on “Account” to see an activation screen displaying a unique activation code (MAC Address and Device Key).

Step 3: Visit ibo Player Pro website https://iboproapp.com/ and Click “Manage Playlists” in Menu section. Then Enter the MAC Address and Device Key displayed on your device screen and Click “Login“.

Step 4: Click “Add XC Playlist” (recommended way).

Step 5: Enter “LiveStreamingTV” as the Playlist Name in the first box. Then in the second, third, and fourth boxes, input the Xtream Codes login credentials (Server address (Playlist Host), Username and Password ) provided by us after subscribing. Finally, click “Submit” to proceed. Get Your Subscription Here.

Step 6: After activation, return to your device and restart the ibo Pro Player app for the changes to take effect. Then, select “Continue”, followed by “Change Playlists”, and connect to your LiveStreamingTV playlist. Have a great time!
NOTE: The app has a 7-day trial period; when it expires, go to https://iboproapp.com/manage-playlists/ , Log in with the MAC Address and Device Key from your app, then pay the one-time fee.

Congratulations! You’ve now completed the setup of the ibo Player Pro app for seamless streaming.